Our mission is simple. There are millions of people living in the greater Los Angeles area and hundreds of species of birds that also call Los Angeles home. The purpose of Birds of Los Angeles is help more people appreciate the incredible diversity of bird life in this largely urban environment. We believe that becoming more aware of replica watches uk the birds that surround us not only enriches our lives, but helps underscore the need to protect what dwindling habitat still supports these vital species.


Birds of Los Angeles is sponsored by the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust, which was founded in 1994 with the mission of protecting every possible acre in the greater Ballona Wetlands ecosystem, one of the premier spots in greater Los Angeles for observing birds. The Land Trust, working with other like-minded organizations, has succeeded in protecting far more land that most predicted was possible, but continues to press for every available acre to be put to the best environmental use. Already, so many acres of wetland have been lost permanently to development that each remaining contested acre is considered vital to the health of the overall ecosystem.

However, individuals and families are encouraged to enjoy the Birds of Los Angeles web site and activities even if they are not interested in supporting the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust mission of aggressive preservation of the Ballona ecosystem.

Bird Booklets

Birds of Los Angeles created color, bi-lingual booklets of some the most common birds in the area to help generate interest among potential new bird watchers. The booklets are an excellent resource for scouting groups, schools, church groups, birthday parties or any other group with rolex replica an interest in area birds. The booklet is not a complete field guide, but is an excellentr introduction into the world of birds and includes many birds that can be easily recognized even without binoculars.